Question: Who Said Inquiring Minds Want To Know?

Why is it important to have an inquiring mind?


It makes your mind active instead of passive Curious people always ask questions and search for answers.

Their minds are always active.

Since the mind is like a muscle which becomes stronger through continual exercise, the mental exercise caused by curiosity makes your mind stronger and stronger..

What does Enquiring mean?

You might enquire, or ask about, the difference between the words enquire and “inquire.” Good question. When you enquire about something, you are asking a question. …

What is the meaning of inquiring?

seeking facts, information, or knowledge: an inquiring mind. curious; probing; inquisitive in seeking facts: an inquiring reporter.

Is being curious a bad thing?

Research suggests that being curious might be a social glue that strengthens our relationships. There’s an old saying: “Curiosity killed the cat.” It implies curiosity is bad for you and leads to dangerous risk-taking behavior. But this idea of curiosity is pretty outdated—in humans, at least.

What makes someone curious?

They want to know things that they do not. They explore stuff in an attempt to find something new which makes them adventurous and willing to accept challenges. They tend to be curious about what others are doing and going through, making them inquisitive.

Is curiosity an emotion?

Curiosity is a familiar feeling among people. But as soon as we scrutinize that feeling, curiosity reveals itself to be a complex emotion indeed. … But unlike lust, the object of curiosity’s desire is information. Curiosity is all about learning what we do not (yet) know.

How do you use the word inquiring?

They were simply inquiring about the current ownership. I can’t help you through the authorities; they’ll ask me why I’m inquiring and I don’t have an answer. He fixed inquiring eyes on Bordeaux. In the first two hours at his desk, 20 people came up to Dean inquiring about poor Fred O’Connor.

What is the difference between inquiring and Enquiring?

While inquire means “to seek information in a formal way,” enquire means “to ask in a general way.” They can be used interchangeably. Inquire and enquire both originate from the same Latin word, meaning to seek. … Inquire or enquire can be used as either a verb or as a noun.

How do you spell Enquiring?

In practice, however, enquire, and the associated noun enquiry, are more common in British English while inquire (and the noun inquiry) are more common in American English, but otherwise there is little discernible distinction in the way the words are used.

What does instructed mean?

verb (used with object) to furnish with knowledge, especially by a systematic method; teach; train; educate. to furnish with orders or directions; direct; order; command: The doctor instructed me to diet. to furnish with information; inform; apprise.

Who said curious minds want to know?

In Reply to: Inquiring minds need to know posted by Laura Henry on June 26, 2008 at 13:10: : What is the origin of the phrase “inquiring minds need to know”? “Enquiring minds want to know” was an advertising slogan used in the ’80s by the National Enquirer, a supermarket tabloid.

What is an Enquiring mind?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English an inquiring mindsomeone who has an inquiring mind is very interested in finding out more about everything As a child, he had a lively inquiring mind. → inquiring.

What does waft mean?

noun. a sound, odor, etc., faintly perceived: a waft of perfume. a wafting movement; light current or gust: a waft of air. the act of wafting.

What is the meaning of sniffed?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. 1a : to inhale through the nose especially for smelling sniffed at the flowers. b : to take air into the nose in short audible breaths She sniffed and wiped her nose.