Quick Answer: Is Threatening Someone With A Gun A Felony?

Is pulling a gun on someone a felony?

The exact definition and seriousness of the crime varies (in some jurisdictions it’s a misdemeanor, a felony in others) but it’s still criminally threatening another person.

However, here’s the rub: pulling your gun on someone is always brandishing..

Pointing a firearm at someone is a threat of death, legally termed assault. The circumstances under which it’s lawful to do that essentially boil down to you innocently going about your business until someone else unlawfully places you in jeopardy of death or serious bodily harm.

How much time can you get for threatening someone with a gun?

Brandishing a weapon sentencing and punishment Under California Penal Code 417, brandishing a deadly weapon other than a firearm is a misdemeanor punishable by at least 30 days and up to one year in the county jail.

Is it a felony to threaten someone’s life?

A court can impose several possible penalties on someone who was convicted of making criminal threats. Depending on the state, a criminal threat can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony offense. … Anyone convicted of making a criminal threat faces a substantial time in jail or prison.