Quick Answer: What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cell Phones?

What is the importance of smartphones?


Communication is one of the most important things in life and business, and smartphones are integral to this in many different ways.

For a start, there are so many methods of communication through a smartphone, including basic texts and calls, but also things like WhatsApp, etc..

What are the advantages of having a phone?

List of the Advantages of Cell PhonesCell phones give you an option to call for help if you need it. … These devices allow us to retrieve information quickly. … Cell phones are a way to stop boredom. … You can find your way if you happen to get lost with a cell phone. … It is a highly portable and affordable device.More items…

What are the pros and cons of mobile phones?

List of Cons of Cell PhonesIncreased Cheating at School. Using cell phones to cheat in exams has become a big issue in many schools in the US. … Expensive Price. … Heightened Level of Danger. … More E-Waste. … Distraction. … Too Much Convenience. … Addiction. … Sex Exploitation.

What are the disadvantages of having a cell phone?

Here are a few disadvantages of using mobile phones for long hours.1) Brain Cancer. … 2) Increases stress level. … 3) Weakens immune system. … 4) Chronic pain. … 5) Eye/ vision problems. … 6) Hinders sleep. … 7) Germs. … 8) Hampers your thinking process.More items…•

What are the positive effects of smartphones?

Some advantages smartphones provide – better means of communication, learning options to users, great exposure to the latest things, ways to personality development, simple ways to access applications, ideas to succeed in business, platforms to grow their applications and more.

How does Smartphone change our life?

Smartphones are equipped with GPS, accelerometer, compass, cameras, light sensors, proximity sensors, NFC technology, gyroscope…. We cannot live without them. It’s said that the 95% of us are no more than 2m away from our cell phones. This means that we can answer calls, read messages, check mail, etc.

How are cell phones useful to us?

Cell phones are an important tool in emergency situations – 40% of cell owners said they found themselves in an emergency situation in which having their phone with them helped. Cell phones can help stave off boredom – 42% of cell owners used their phone for entertainment when they were bored.