Quick Answer: What Is Slang For Old Lady?

How do you describe an older woman?

Here are some adjectives for old woman: distressingly ancient, squat and dumpy, dismal and lonesome, insanely suicidal, hypothetically nonmenopausal, almost well-dressed, good-natured but gloomy, blind and poor, withered and bitter, egregiously fat, crazy and uncanny, harsh and hardy, unnaturally lusty, frivolous and ….

What does old woman mean?

1a : wife —not often in formal use. b : mother —not often in formal use.

Where did the phrase my old lady come from?

The phrase “Old Lady”, to refer to girlfriend, wife, or mother, very much appears to have entered the hippie language through Spanish. … This is in line with the hippie culture’s ideal of gender equality, which because Rome is not built in a day, was quite obviously imperfectly realized, taken as a whole.

What does Crone mean?

In folklore, a crone is an old woman who may be disagreeable, malicious, or sinister in manner, often with magical or supernatural associations that can make her either helpful or obstructing. The Crone is also an archetypal figure, a Wise Woman.

How do you politely say old people?

In this country, “older person” or “older adult” are currently the most politically correct terms. I prefer “senior,” with or without citizen attached; any word that is so often paired with “discount” can’t be all bad. And it’s a euphemism I can live with because it sounds at least a little dignified.

What’s a nice way to say old?

Describing someone as “aged” or “elderly” is a relatively neutral way of indicating age, and one description which may even ring positive would be to describe them as being of a “ripe old age”. The person can be called seasoned or advanced in years.

How do you describe old age?

Here are some adjectives for old age: clean and withered, hearty and florid, immeasurable and prodigious, implausibly ripe, bleak and impoverished, extreme and feeble, pleasing and indolent, vigorous and green, shrunken and squalid, serene and meditative, tranquil and noble, interminable and joyless, toothless and …

What is another word for old lady?

Synonyms for old ladygranny.old woman.mother.old dame.old maid.

What is another name for an old person?

What is another word for old person?OAPpensionerMethuselahold-age pensioneroldieold-timersenior citizenwrinklycrumblygeriatric35 more rows

What is a female curmudgeon called?

Curmudgeon is a uni-sex term. There is no female version. It is an all-encompassing word for a person who finds no joy in life. None.

What does it mean when a guy calls you his old lady?

Why do many American men refer to their girlfriends and wives as “my old lady”? … Usually an old lady is someone that the guy has had around for a long time and very often lives with, but whom he refuses to marry because of his disdain for the commitment and social position that would provide.

What does Ole mean?

an exclamation of approval or encouragement customary at bullfights, flamenco dancing, and other Spanish or Latin American events. 2. a cry of olé Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers.