Quick Answer: What Is The Best Seat For Broadway Show?

Is it better to sit in the orchestra or mezzanine?

Mezzanine seating can offer a more panoramic view and, if you’re in the first row or two, you’ll often be closer to the stage than you would have been in the orchestra.

“I think that the front, center mezzanine is the best spot” says Elf Niece – “there you can see the whole stage without missing detail in the show.”.

Where are the best seats for Phantom of the Opera?

The best seats are in rows B-F of this section. The Royal Circle has some good views as well, with seats 13-24 in rows A-C giving you the best views from this section. The middle seats (12-23) in rows A-C in the Grand Circle also give you decent views of the stage.

What does Mezzanine mean in a theater?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmez‧za‧nine /ˈmezəniːn, ˈmetsə- $ ˈmezə-/ noun [countable] 1 a small floor that is built between two other floors in a building the mezzanine floor2 American English the lowest balcony in a theatre, or the first few rows of seats in that balconyExamples from the Corpus …

Is side stage seating bad?

Not bad, but definitely different. Side seats (or, even more extremely, behind-the-stage seats) are a way to get a different perspective on the show, and be in closer proximity to the performers. … Many big-name acts now use extended stages with clear sightlines and less of a defined “front” to the stage.

How are the balcony seats at the Orpheum?

Balcony Seating at the Orpheum Theatre The Balcony is the highest level of seating at the Orpheum Theatre, and it’s significantly higher than the Loge/Mezzanine level. There are only five rows of seats in this level, and it’s the least-desirable area of the theatre, but it also offers the cheapest prices.

Is it better to sit stage right or stage left?

You definitely want to sit facing the stage left, to the performer’s right bc of most comics are left-brained, right dominant which you can be sure will be cheated toward while performing. Of course, top performers are going to address the audience in an intimate manner making you feel like they’re talking to you.

Why is there no Row I in Theatres?

A spokesperson for the Shubert Organization confirmed that the confusion with the numeral one is indeed the reason why most of its theatres have no Row I. Those theatres have had no Row Is for as long as the workers in the Shubert theatre operations department can remember, and that means several decades.

Is Mezzanine good seating?

Mezzanine. “Mezzanine” is a somewhat deceptive term. … The word “balcony” has a certain nose-bleed connotation, and ticket buyers are less spooked by the word “mezzanine.” Front mezzanine seats are usually as good as orchestra seats, sometimes better, depending on the show.

What does it mean to exit stage right?

The phrase “exit stage right” comes from theater scripts. It’s the playwright’s way of giving clear directions for a character to leave the stage.

What is grand tier seating?

Grand Tier seats are located one level above the Orchestra and seating is on more of an incline than the Orchestra. The Grand Tier has nine rows situated in three sections (Sections 5-6-7) and seating distance from the stage ranges from 85 feet to 110 feet. Balcony.

Is it better to sit in the stalls or royal circle?

Stalls – Rear. Quite distant but a good view – if there are no heads in the way that is. Obviously the overhang from the royal circle would obstruct the view of the top of the stage but not enough to block any action. The rake in the stalls here is not the best i’ve seen so personally I wouldn’t risk sitting here.

Is Phantom of the Opera still playing in New York?

UPDATE: This production is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tickets are on sale now to see The Phantom of the Opera – the longest-running show in Broadway history – at the Majestic Theatre in New York City! …

Is orchestra or mezzanine better for Lion King?

The corner rows of the mezzanine are similar to the corner rows of the orchestra, but given that the mezzanine seats are at a greater distance to the stage, they are cheaper. Our suggestion, if you’re looking for cheap tickets for The Lion Kings, go for the corner mezzanine seats over corner orchestra seats.

Where is the best place to sit for a play?

The best seats are at least 4 or 5 rows back in the center up to about the 12th row. Most seats in the front mezzanine (up to 6 or so rows back) are also quite good.

What seats are in The Lion King?

2,100Lyceum Theatre/Capacity

Are box seats good?

But, without a doubt, the greatest advantage of getting tickets for Broadway box seats is that you are likely to get a discount on your ticket price. Because box seating is often considered partial view or obstructed view, Broadway theaters tend to sell these tickets at a cheaper price than regular seats.

Where should I sit for Phantom of the Opera in New York?

Majestic Theatre – Recommended Seats Front mezzanine gives you fantastic views of the stage at a reasonable price. Center Orchestra – centre rows (B-J) and middle seats. Row A in Orchestra, Row A in Front Mezzanine and Rear Mezzanine and corner seats. Save $15 on your tickets when you use promo code!