Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Touche?

What is the opposite of grudgingly?

What is the opposite of grudgingly?freelygladlyacceptinglyapprovinglycontentedlydelightedlyembracinglyenthusiasticallygenerouslyhappily2 more rows.

What word means right back at you?

An exclamation used to express the same sentiment back to the original speaker; same as “you too” and “same to you.” Primarily heard in US, South Africa. A: “You’re one of the nicest people I know.” B: “Aw, thanks!

Is especially a formal word?

especially/ specially The words especially and specially have just a hair’s breadth of difference between them. Both can be used to mean “particularly.” Especially tends to be more formal, while specially tends to be more informal: … But our words have finer points to them that are worthy of being understood.

What word can replace especially?

What is another word for especially?speciallyparticularlyveryextremelyuncommonlyexceptionallyextraordinarilyunusuallyextraremarkably229 more rows

Does especially need a comma?

A comma is used before especially when especially is used to set off a parenthetical clause, usually at the end of a sentence. … No comma is used when especially is not being used to set off a parenthetical clause. Example: That was an especially fine performance.

What is the opposite of Horde?

What is the opposite of horde?dispersaldisbandmentscissionvivisectionbreaking updividing upsplitting upthinning outbreaking downcutting up11 more rows

What’s another word for Touche?

Touché Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for touché?humiliationdisgraceopprobriumcondescensiondiscomfiturereprobationsnubvitiationcomedownrebuff105 more rows

What is the opposite of dangerously?

(benignly) Opposite of adverb for able or likely to cause harm or injury. benignly. harmlessly.

What is the opposite of especially?

Antonyms for especially commonly, ordinarily, usually, normally, generally, broadly, unexceptionally.

Does Touche mean right back at you?

touche. Touché is defined as a word used to acknowledge a clever point made at someone else’s expense. An example of touché is what you say when you are having a conversation with someone and they make a point at your expense, showing why they are right and you are wrong.

What is the opposite of rejected?

▲ Opposite of to refuse or be unwilling to allow or grant. accept. allow. grant.

What does grudgingly mean?

adjective. displaying or reflecting reluctance or unwillingness: grudging acceptance of the victory of an opponent.

What is another word for grudgingly?

What is another word for grudgingly?petulantlyunwillinglyhesitantlyunenthusiasticallyinvoluntarilyhelplesslycautiouslywarilyreluctantlyby force6 more rows