Quick Answer: Will My Sky Card Work In Another Sky Box?

Will my Sky box work in another house?

Re: Can I move my SkyQ box to a different house.

“It is against your contract T&C’s to move any SKY Q equipment from it’s registered address.” Just don’t go there..

How do you pair a Sky viewing card?

Pairing Your Sky Viewing CardPhone Sky support on 0344 2414 141 to order a new card.When the card arrives you must insert the card into the card slot.You will then need to call Sky to pair the card.When the card is paired your channels will be viewable once again.

Can you use someone else’s sky box?

Yep – ought to work fine. He’ll have to bring the box though rather than just the viewing card. He could just bring his Sky viewing card, but he’ll have to use this link to pair the card up to your box.

Can I use my old Sky box without a dish?

Although Sky’s dish-less service is still in the works, you can access Sky content without a satellite dish — or a Sky subscription.

Can I watch recordings on old sky box?

There is no way to transfer recordings from your Sky+ HD set-top box to the new Sky Q hardware. So you’ll need to make your way through any leftover seasons you’ve got saved on your Sky+ HD box, and find time to watch that year-old film, before your Sky Q engineer knocks on the door.