What Does Minu Mean In French?

What does MINI mean in French?

petit adjective, noun.

small, little, short, petty, child.

miniature noun.

miniature, toy..

What is Minou?

minou m (plural minous) (colloquial, childish) kitty. (slang) pussy.

What does Minu mean in Arabic?

Definition of Minu: heaven, paradise. Meaning of Minu: Variant transcription of MINOO.

Is Minou masculine or feminine?

Based on popular usage, it is 1.067 times more common for Minou to be a girl’s name.

How do you say Mini in Italian?

You could use the word ‘piccino’ which means small, tiny or little. Alternatively, you could use the word ‘minuscolo’, which means miniscule or miniature.

Is Cat in French masculine or feminine?

The words for animals are nouns, and in French, they follow the regular rules for using nouns in a sentence. Almost all nouns in French are classified as either masculine or feminine. The word for ‘cat’ is no different. However, because cats can be either male or female, there are both masculine and feminine forms.